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Membership at OHT

Congregation Ohr HaTorah is a Modern Orthodox congregation, built upon the following core values:

Torat Yisrael - We lead our lives guided by strong commitment to Torah and Halacha.

Mishpacha - We are a family, sharing in each other's smachot, supporting each other in times of need, and contributing our individual time and resources.

Bayit - We see our shul as our spiritual home, where we work on cultivating a relationship with HaShem through Mitzvot, Tefillah and Talmud Torah.

Or Amim - We engage with the modern world through the prism of Torah and tradition.

Ahavat Yisrael - We share a love for the Jewish people, are open-minded, and willing to learn from one another.

Medinat Yisrael - We strongly support the State of Israel and believe in its religious significance.

OHT offers a full range of services, classes, and programs, with something for everyone, including Daily and weekly prayer services,Torah study and educational opportunities for all interests, Chesed and social action programs, Social Events for all age groups, and robust Youth and Teen Programming. 

The doors of Congregation Ohr HaTorah are always open to warmly welcome anyone and everyone who would like to explore the richness and meaningful spirituality associated with modern Orthodoxy. We also recognize the important value of partnering and participating with the broader Atlanta Jewish community in the spirit of klal yisrael.

If this mission resonates with you, and you would like to explore membership at OHT please see the information below:

We offer a variety of membership levels to meet your or your family's needs.  

Membership categories are as follows (a discount is offered to those who pay prior to October 31):

Full Member Family:  $2250 per year + Security Fee $50 = Total $2300

Full Member Individual:  $1450 per year + Security Fee $50 = Total $1500

**Full Member Under 30 Family: $1150 per year + Security Fee $50 = Total $1200

**Full Member Under 30 Individual: $850 per year + Security Fee $50 = Total $900

Student Member Family: $475 per year + Security Fee $25 = Total $500

Student Member Individual: $225 per year + Security Fee $25 = Total $250 

• *Associate Member Family: $825 per year + Security Fee $25 = Total $850

*Associate Member Individual: $525 per year + Security Fee $25 = Total $550

• Out of Town Member: $175 per year

*Associate Membership is available to those who are full members of another Synagogue but wish to join us for specific programs and services.  Atlanta area residents $825 family/$525 individual per year,  Out-of-town Members: $175 per year. Please fill out the online form HERE or print and return the paper application HERE.

**Both members are under 30 years of age as of September 1, 2023.

Security Fee:

In addition to annual dues, each member unit is assessed a mandatory Security Fee as listed above.

Building Fund Assessment

In addition to annual dues, each member unit is assessed the following Building Fund contribution amounts, billed annually over 5 years:

• Members 30 and over: $2500 over 5 years.

• Members under 30: $1500 over 5 years.

• A building fund contribution of $5000+ will be acknowledged on the shul's Donor Wall.


Financial hardship is not a barrier to participation in religious activities or membership.

Please contact our Senior Office Administrator, Leslie Mallard, Rabbi Adam Starr,

or a member of the OHT Board to discuss a level of support that is appropriate to your resources.

Membership is open to all Jews, regardless of affiliation, commitment or background, who wish to join us on our sacred community.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784