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Ohr HaTorah Staff is available for you. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources Page for contact and other information Page

Important Ohr HaTorah Contacts

Rabbi Adam Starr
cell: 404-782-9703
Leslie Mallard
Office Admininstrator
ph: 404-315-1417
Miriam Seidman
Programming and Youth Director
cell: 551-206-7787
Tova Warburg Sinensky
Yoetzet Halacha

cell: 470-231-5058

Financial Resources and Information

Rabbi Starr uses donations to his Discretionary Fund to assist individuals and families in our shul and throughout the community. Requests for assistance are kept in strict confidence. Donations to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund provide much needed support to those in our kehillah who are experiencing difficulties. 


COVID-19 Resources

This resource page contains links and lists in order to help facilitate the sharing of information, and to match people who need help with those that are willing and able (and yearning!) to help others.

Message from Rabbi Starr and OHT Medical Professionals 

Message from Rabbi Starr Re: COVID-19 Mikvah Use Guidelines

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Request Assistance


Resources for Children and Families

Digital Learning and Classes

Communal Tefillah - Daily at 8:10pm

Although we can not  form a Halachik minyan there is a certain power in us davening together. Starting this evening at 7:30pm we will have virtual zoom tefilla with Mincha followed by a short dvar Torah and then Maariv. After each tefillah, those who are saying kaddish will have the opportunity to recite a prayer suggested to be said in lieu of kaddish. Please try and join us.


Daf Yomi - Sunday through Thursday at 4pm, Friday at 9:30am


Book of Jeremiah with Rabbi Reuven Travis - Tuesday at 6:45pm

This 45 minute class on the book of Jeremiah will explore the convergence of personal and national tragedy.


Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Starr - Thursdays at 12:30pm

Join Rabbi Starr for some virtual lunch and authentic learning on the parsha on Thursdays.


Community Kabbalat Shabbat - Fridays at 7:00pm

Join Ohr Hatorah for some pre-Shabbat Tefilla, ruach and a story by Rabbi Starr.



Ohr HaTorah Musical Havdalah - Motzei Shabbat at 9:30pm

The entire community is invited to join us for an online musical havdalah. Get everyone into pajamas and ready for your pajama havdalah party!

Ohr Hatorah on Zoom

Membership Meeting Concerning COVID-19 (March 15, 2020)
Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780